“I have always been intrigued by the beauty, flow and elasticity of the human body.
To see a figure bend, stretch, pull and twist is a true wonder of nature that has always stimulated my imagination.”

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Capturing the Essence of Dance has become a special purpose in my life as both of my daughters were serious ballerinas growing up, so I was surrounded by inspiration and subject matter. My joy and passion in painting dancers are to imbue each figure with an independent spirit, implied movements, and an imagined soul.  I always wondered what my dancer paintings would be like in three dimensions as interpreted through Sculpture. A few years ago, I was able to have an opportunity to sculpt a series of dancers in clay, which were inspired by my paintings, and to later have them cast in timeless bronze. Since I had not sculpted since art school, this was a monumental task that was difficult but so rewarding when I was able to express my joy of dancing in exquisite bronze sculptures.

Dancers in bronze sculptures by Elena Bond
Elena Bond with dancer sculpture

Making of Dancer’s Sculptures

“I have captured in bronze that exquisite moment of perfection when a dancer and music come together in great harmony to produce a timeless treasure of fine art.”

Each of my sculptures is cast in bronze at the famous Crucible Foundry in Norman, Oklahoma, where the legendary actor, Vincent Price, cast his personal sculptures. This exquisite collection of 4 sculptures is created with a lost wax bronze process and then finished with heated pigments to create the timeless patinas. Each sculpture takes many painstaking hours and weeks to perfect.  The edition sizes are small to assure that the detail of each piece is properly rendered. I’m currently exhibiting these bronze works in selected galleries and private collections throughout the US.

Dancer Bronze5
Dancer Bronze4
Dancer Bronze
Dancer Bronze3
Dancer Bronze2
Dancer Bronze6

Four Dancers, Four Styles

Each limited edition bronze sculpture (ed. 49) is carefully casted, finished with hot patina for color and dimension,

and placed on an elegant white marble base.

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