Elena Bond draws inspiration from her dance background to paint graceful dancers

Buy Beautiful Dancer Oil Painting Prints From Elena Bond’s Figurative Series

Elena Bond makes her figures contemporary by using a new Impressionist style that goes beyond capturing merely an instantaneous moment in time.  She uses a variety of pallet knife strokes and techniques to create the spontaneous effect of a candid snapshot.  She especially enjoys painting the “un-posed figure,” endeavoring to depict figures in their natural poses, rather than in the artificial poses of academic art; and depicts these figures in a quick, gestural method of painting to capture fleeting effects of light and atmosphere.  Finally, Elena Bond often captures people who remain anonymous to the viewer, recreating the “chance encounter” amongst strangers that is the essence of our social experience. Whether she is painting a group of people on a city street, a ballerina, or a nude, or a couple caught in a rainstorm, Elena strives to depict the essence of her subjects in a way that speaks to each of us in our own modern world.

Dancer Print From Elena Bond's Figurative Series
Dancer's print from figurative series

Elena Bond’s Inspiration For Her Figurative Series

Elena Bond is a painter of the real who aims to extend the possible subjects for her paintings. Getting away from depictions of idealized forms and perfect symmetry, she concentrates on the world as she sees it, which is more imperfect, but more vibrant.

As a departure from the Post-Impressionists, Bond uses looser textured, pallet knife strokes and lighter colors than her predecessors. She has abandoned the traditional three-dimensional perspective and rejected the clarity of form that had previously served to distinguish accomplished artists. Bond isn’t interested in painting history, mythology, or the lives of great men, and she doesn’t seek perfection in visual appearances. Instead, she strives to get down on canvas an “impression” of how a person, traveler, dancer, or animal appeared to her at a certain moment in time in her imagination. Elena Bond’s figurative works are a culmination of classic impressionism yet with a philosophy of the avant-garde, so compelling, modern and distinctive, that they stand out among other artists working in her genre.