Enchanting lilies and bouquets fill the canvas with color and texture

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Elena Bond paints her floral works in a deeply personal way.  Whether she is painting roses, lilies, dahlias, azaleas, or poppies, she is imbuing them with character and life beyond the physical detail of each flower or bouquet.  The positive energy coming from Elena Bond’s floral paintings is astounding as she paints them with so much love and respect for nature.

“You could say that I put so much of myself in my floral works. I want to capture the color and mood of each flower in a way that indicates that I have a bright, optimistic personality. In that sense, the floral paintings reflect my inner world and I hope they inspire that same optimism in the people who view them”

Flower print from Elena Bond's floral series
Elena Bond's Floral Series

Elena Bond’s Inspiration For Her Floral Series

Elena Bond’s floral paintings are inspired by her love of gardening and travel. For instance, during her first trip to the Giverny water garden many years ago, Elena was inspired to create her signature water lily paintings.

“Being in Giverny and near the water garden made me feel fully present and alive so if my goal was to capture that fleeting moment in a way that was also eternal, I would not only have to depict the physical characteristics I saw and experienced but the changing moods of the pond water and the rhythm of the lilies. I wanted my paintings to portray the changing patterns, colors, reflections and the way light moves across the surface of the water and lily pads in a contemporary yet timeless way.”