Impressionism is one of the most popular painting styles in many parts of the world, and this well-known art style encompasses the work of a variety of different, very famous artists. Most people are aware that Impressionist art is the umbrella that covers works done by Monet, Renoir, Sisley, Edgar Degas, and others. However, this does not mean that there is no modern Impressionist art movement to enjoy alongside the works of these famous painters from the late 1800s.

If you love the works of famous Impressionists, there are many modern painters who still paint in this style and whose works are becoming just as beloved as these classic artists. Learning a little more about Impressionist art can help you to recognize this kind of work when you see it. There are some key changes to the nature of Impressionist works done in the modern era that define this kind of art as a secondary movement within the Impressionist art movement as a greater whole.

If you are ready to learn more about the new impressionist painting movement, you need to keep reading for more information about this powerful art experience.

New impressionism art

What is Impressionist Art?

In the original days of the Impressionist art movement, the term was actually slightly derogatory. The painters who were using this very distinctive painting style were breaking from the norm of painting true-to-life images and portraits and were instead striving to capture the essence and the movement and feeling of life. This means that Impressionist works are often steeped in color and shadow, use more diffuse colors, and have a much less stark and crisp nature to the images they portray.

As the movement began to gain recognition and acceptance, Impressionist art became associated with modern art and with emotion. Painting from daily life was becoming increasingly common, and many painters no longer felt pressured to paint the portraits of famous people or patrons just to survive. The rebellion of this art movement is clear in every discussion about its presence on the art scene during its rise to popularity, and this rebellious nature has carried through into the modern Impressionist identity.

Impressionism art

Modern Impressionism combines the color and movement of traditional painters with modern techniques. This creates works that are totally in their own new category that is special and visually interesting in new ways. Modern Impressionist painters use all the techniques that make for brilliant colors and visible brush strokes and then add in new painting techniques that offer a three-dimensional and truly vibrant experience when their pieces are viewed.

Modern Interpretations of Impressionism

While there are modern painters who favor the traditional Impressionist painting style with rapid brush strokes, scenes captured in bright daylight, and a sense of movement, there are some other styles of Impressionist work that have become common in the modern movement. The movement is no longer viewed as a break with painting “rules” and traditions, but that does not mean that Impressionism is not almost always associated with a change in the nature and practices of painting.

Modern Impressionism often has more clearly defined images, stronger use of color, and a fusion of different painting styles with Impressionism to create an entirely new kind of painting movement. The artists that consider themselves Impressionists today will tell you that they began their painting careers with emulation of the greats and slowly added their own techniques and painting styles to the works that they created. This fused painting style might not be totally unique and significant in the way that Impressionism was when it first came to life, but that does not mean that modern Impressionists are not influencing art culture in a major and important way.

New impressionism painting

New Impressionist Painters

There are some big names in the new Impressionist movement that you might want to know more about if you have just started to identify with this kind of art in all of its forms. These are the painters who have inherited the Impressionist title and who give credit to the greats while generating their own art movement, one work at a time. If you have been unsure if the Impressionist painting style is for you, you should check out the works of these artists, who are making new kinds of art using traditional Impressionist painting styles.

New impressionist artist

Sam Park Is a Great New Impressionist Painter

Sam Park states quite clearly that he associates his works with New Impressionism. He says that Monet is one of his main inspirations but that he also wants to create deeper and fresher art that is based on and inspired by nature, but that is also bright, colorful, and immediate. He says that he is trying to capture the romance of the Impressionist movement of the past and create works that transcend what TV and computers can generate.

Park also associates his works with realism and states that this is a secondary tenant that he is trying to insert into his works of art. Realism would not have been connected with Impressionism once upon a time, but in the modern Impressionist movement, these things can exist together. Park has been exhibited at more than 100 solo exhibitions around the world and continues to create works with his unique blend of romance and realism.

Impressionism painting

New Impressionist Artist Daniel Wall

Wall says that Monet was his inspiration when he was in school and that he used to paint Monet’s works over and over to try to get the images just right. He states that he loves working with the palette knife because he can create thick and thin patches of paint to give different effects to the depth of the image. This is also a great way to create very bright colors as well as soft and muted tones for shadows.

He is praised for his expression and for the sense of emotion and color in his paintings, as well as his unique technique. As he has developed his own style, he has started to move toward bright colors and work that is done almost exclusively with palette knives rather than a brush. There is nothing that is more classically Impressionist than painting without brushes, and wall uses this technique along with some modern painting techniques to great advantage.

New impressionism painting

A Talented New Impressionist Painter is Yuval Wolfson

Inspired by common-day objects like cars, peacocks, and more, Wolfson offers viewers access to a unique and colorful expression experience that cannot be offered by other painters. The vibrant colors that Wolfson uses in every piece of art are uniquely lovely and generate a feast for the eyes. Wolfson states that Monet is his inspiration, but the color choices and subject matter of this Israeli-born painter’s works are completely different and uniquely lovely.

Seeing the beauty in all the smallest things, as well as the scenery and the people who fill it up with buildings and life, is one of Wolfson’s strengths. This artist has also made progressive exhibitions that are created to show the same image in a series of panels, all at different times of day and with different lighting. There are few New Impressionist painters who have such a good grasp of the use of color to show the time of day and the passing seasons, and Wolfson is really gifted in this area of art.

Impressionism fine art

Elena Bond is the Best New Impressionist Painter

Elena Bond is known for her paintings that capture the essence of the places she has visited. The magic in her paintings is in the colors and the movement. Elena’s paintings are full of light and color and offer a sensory experience that few other painters can create. Bond works with a palette knife, using rapid strokes that create a wonderland of colors and movement.

There is a wonderful depth to the paintings that Bond creates as well, making her style uniquely immersive in ways that Impressionist pieces usually are not. One almost feels like they can step right into the paintings that Bond creates, her works appearing like windows into new places that are exciting and new. The challenging and visually interesting nature of her works makes her a standout from other new Impressionist painters.

Modern Impressionist art

New Impressionist Art is Beautiful and Unique

New Impressionism is a really special art movement that continues the tradition of the original Impressionist movement. Building from the example of the masters of this form of art, the new Impressionist artists of today create new opportunities to use this painting style to show movement, color, and daily life in new and exciting ways. There are many painters today who have used the original Impressionist movement to help them to create lovely pieces of art. These pieces blend the feeling and the colors of scenes and things with other unique techniques that have never before been combined with Impressionist painting.

Checking out the new Impressionist movement will give you access to art styles that you have likely never seen before. These are the kinds of paintings that can bring life to your home, to your business, or any location that you want to bring color and beauty into.