Elena Bond captures the contrasting serenity and power of the ocean in her captivating seascapes

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With impressionistic, loose touches and subtle colors, Elena Bond focuses on the natural beauty that surrounds us. Looking at her beach scenes you can almost smell the sea and feel the sun on your shoulders. Her paintings evoke a sense of happiness; barefoot through the sand with the wind in your hair, you can imagine yourself in complete freedom on the coast.

Playing with light and color is central to Elena Bond’s beach scenes. Without prior sketches, Bond paints wet on wet with a loose knife work and a soft color palette. This results in paintings with an almost lost atmosphere, which can evoke a genuine feeling of nostalgia. Bond prefers to paint from multiple references, so she can for orchestrating her own distinctive composition & narrative filled with characters including swimmers, sunbathers, children, and dogs on the beach “catching” them in their most characteristic nature which viewers find positive and heart-warming.

Beautiful Ocean & Beach Prints by Elena Bond
Ocean & beach series

Elena Bond’s Inspiration For Her Ocean & Beach Series

Bond who lives very close to the beach goes out every morning to capture the movement; the speed and vitality of the ocean, the direction, and power of the water and waves, and the change of light in the clouds as these aspects all contribute to the creation and atmosphere of her work. But she is not satisfied merely documenting the physical world she strives to paint the effect of these natural elements on our psyches. Looking at her art, the experience of nature is so intense that you find yourself in the middle of that ocean, beach, or landscape. This makes viewing her work a uniquely personal experience that envelops and engages the viewer in a deep and satisfying way.