Bronze Sculpture


Elena Bond does not use brushes in her paintings; they are constructed and carved with a palette knife as she lays down layer upon layer of thick oil paint strokes to her painting surfaces, miraculously and spontaneously bringing her subject matter to life.

Drawing Inspiration from her painting process and technique, in addition to her love of dance, Elena set the stage to re-create some of her most beloved dancer paintings. Casted into fully realized three dimensional works of art, full of the grace and poise that Elena is known for capturing in her subjects, Elena Bond debuts her series of bronze sculpture.


Elena Bond is proud to present four magnificent bronze sculptures Aria, Bela, Carmen and Dalia.

After one full year in creation, Elena has realized her life long dream of seeing her impressive dancers brought to life in the timeless and classic elegance of bronze sculpture.

“Canvas can be flat and one dimensional, but sculpture is color in motion. A sculpture takes that very same art and makes it more real and tangible in that the viewer can appreciate the pieces from each and every angle. Creating sculpture was such a great thrill and challenge for me as every color, every stroke, every movement is even more crucial than in painting! But because of that I feel so alive in this process as each of my strokes becomes even more personal, bold and realistic.”


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